Information Drives Everything Online

In a time where most of the valuable information is locked inside the walled gardens of the global search and social media companies, we at Brain want to give every business and publisher access to high value information and technology, outside of the walled gardens.


And in a time where the global data giants know everything about everyone, we say that you don’t have to know everything in order to have effective and personalized communication. If Information Online is everything, Privacy Online comes in at close second.


Brain offers its data enrichment services in order to give marketers a better marketing ROI and better audience targeting, and to help publishers segment their users into more relevant audiences for the media buyers.


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Strategic Audience Map

We will shortly launch our new tool “The SAM” for marketers and media agencies, together with Nordic Data Resources and InsightOne Nordic.

The Strategic Audience Map (SAM) is a free, safe, simple and operational way to see the lifestyles of your customers.

Just download the script or upload a zip-code only customer file, and SAM will visualize the lifestyles of your customers or website visitor.

Based on this you will be able to directly activate your marketing and target the most efficient market segment(s) through Nordic Data Resources and you will understand the segments based on the detailed and easily understandable Mosaic lifestyle descriptions by InsightOne Nordic.


Brain Insights, for Marketers

This product suite lets you analyze your customers, profile your anonymous visitors and track your media spend in a way that gives you new insights with every campaign, so that you can increase media ROI and customer response to your marketing efforts. 

Brain Enrichment Service, for Publishers

Brain provides user enrichment in order to build high value audiences and provide the technology on a “pay as you go”-model. Our service will deliver the product your advertisers are asking for.

Media Targeting, for all!

When it comes to spending your marketing budget more wisely, we provide our verified and anonymous audiences for your next campaign. You can use them through programmatic channels or through our trusted partners.

Who, when and where are the questions that every marketer asks themselves.


And in a media landscape where the main channels of communication are Search- and Social media, those questions are answered differently depending on the channel. Google and Facebook are very good at delivering the advertising experience the media buyers want.


Traditional media is working hard to respond to the competition. This is because as a traditional media player you don’t control all the assets you are part of a system that is fragmented, distributed and lacking a standard. this makes it hard to deliver the experience the buyers want.


As a media buyer you are left to a wide variety of media sellers, audience providers and ways of reporting on your media spend. It is hard to track both delivery, reach, ROI and most of all who you market to.


We think this is because a key component is missing – a standardized view of the users. 

This is what Brain offers you.

Insights Drive Communication

Brain provides data enrichment to marketers and publishers in order to understand the users, customers and visitors better. By providing the same user view to both buyers and sellers we make the prospecting and ad targeting better.

We serve everyone the same way, by providing our data enrichment services equally to all media players we fill the missing piece of high volume information on all customers and visitors.

Trust is Earned, not Given

Our system is designed to minimize user information, not store sensitive data and encrypt what is stored in a way that we ourselves cannot retrieve it. For media targeting our audiences are completely anonymous, providing an additional layer of privacy protection for publishers and media sellers.

We provide verified and anonymous audiences, for increased accuracy and increased privacy.