Audience Targeting

We supply advertisers with verified audiences, through our Publisher Partners or programmatically. In order to better know which audiences to target we recommend our Brain Insights services to identify your most valuable audiences and attributes that is accurate in describing your visitors and customers.

Audiences, Data & Advertising

We work with multiple types of data and multiple different data providers, so that we can offer the right targeting for your campaigns. Our goal is to deliver as accurate audiences as possible in a way that optimizes your marketing and targeting.

Today the way the Internet works is in upheaval, technologies that previously worked doesn’t anymore. Brain is always developing new ways for publishers, marketers and advertisers to reach the right audience, no matter the tech. We support cookie based audiences as well as cookie-free targeting.

Demographic audiences

Demographics are what we define as age and gender. These audiences allow for targeting age groups and gender based on anonymous probabilistic data. We provide audiences both based on cookies and based on “cookie-free” targeting.

These audiences are very suitable when your target audience is only relevant in certain age-spans or your offers are only relevant for a specific gender.


Lifestyle audiences

Lifestyle variables are the attributes that define what we prefer to do, what we are able to do and what we must do – due to factors that define where we are in life. This is factors such as our income, family status, possessions such as cars and houses.

We provide audiences both based on cookies and based on “cookie-free” targeting.

These audiences are suitable when you want to target a certain life stage that can be defined by income, housing or family status.


Interests audiences 

Our interests are besides our lifestyle variables very individual, and very characteristic for us as an individual. Do we like tennis or pets, arts or soccer? These interests can be obtained through analysis, context or behaviour. 

These audiences are suitable when the interests of a market segment is relevant for your campaign.


Intent audiences 

Intent are actions that indicate an imminent action, often purchase related. We search the web and these searches often indicate that we are at the end of a purchase decision. Here Google is the major player, but there are other commercial players that operate in this sphere, and some of them are partners with us! 

These audiences are suitable when you want to reach a potential customer at the end of the purchase funnel, close to a purchase decision. 



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Audience Partners:

Audience Partners

We work with the leading publishers and ad networks in Sweden in audience enrichment and ad targeting. Contact any of them for more effective digital advertising. 


We supply our audiences for programmatic advertising too, in the following platforms: Adform, Bidtheatre, Doubleclick Bidmanager, Emerse, Platform 161.