AI & ML are like brother & sister, both part of the same concept. Artificial Intelligence has been around as a concept for a longer time, and machine learning is a newer buzz word. But they are closely linked, where AI is the concept that one day foresees machines being able to interpret the world in a similar way as we humans do, Machine Learning is how this goal might one day be reached.

In a world that is largely powered by data, data in such volumes that it is impossible for a human or team of humans to interpret it in real time. Digital marketing is very much about “real time” monitoring, decisions and actions. And in todays competitive world the use high quality data sources and AI helps businesses get in front of the competition, with faster and more informed decisions. The managers of top marketing companies confirm that implementing AI based on high quality data have helped them do just that.

Through Machine Learning it is possible to learn insights that would not be available without it. But at the end of the day the algorithms and programming required needs to be done by a human. So it is important to know what you ask the machines to do, and that you give them the information required to reach the gols you set.

Besides the ML-algorithms you need to power the algorithms with reliable, relevant and accurate data that is structured and comparable in order to reach the desired results and insights. Especially if you want to apply it on consumers.

Brain delivers the data you need, that is directly linked to your customers and applicable at large volume. By applying the information provided by Brain digitally, in your online channels, you are able to leverage your customer information into the large amounts of data available on the Internet.

Brain applies household information to your customers, that is structured and verified. This makes it possible for Machine Learning processes to combine a very stable dataset with the more volatile online information in order to make instant and very accurate assumptions, and offer your customers a better Online experience either through marketing or through communication in owned and operated channels.

Brain provides the information in a way that is integrity mindful, consent based, and protective of your customers integrity Online.