Brain (Digital Brain Nordic AB, 556684-3610) is dedicated to maintaining a responsible business and business model. We view the following areas as key in order to have maintain a responsible business:

  1. Legal
  2. Environment
  3. Health
  4. Workforce
  5. Privacy
  6. Structure

1.   Legal

Brain is dedicated to working proactively against corruption in any and all forms. We do not allow for any deals or agreements that are made to create private gains for any employees or management, nor do we allow for any unlawful agreements that are not compliant with Swedish or European legislation.

2.   Environment

Brain is aware of the global challenges that face the entire population of our planet. Our goal is to only use the resources required to drive our business and minimise waste and unnecessary use of resources.

When possible we prioritise “green” alternatives for travel and use online meeting before physical meetings (that require travel) whenever possible.

We use on-demand services or public transportation whenever possible.

We use cloud services that easily scale up and down as our business grows and prioritise providers that have environmental goals that aim to reduce carbon emissions.

3.   Health

Brain considers the personal health of our personnel to consist of Physical Health, Mental Health and Social Health. Brain strives to work towards all these health aspects and work to promote them for both our staff and customers.

Physical Health is the physical well-being of the individual and is generally the combination of medical status, activity, rest and nutrition. Our goal is to promote all these aspects of the physical health and work to increase the understanding of the importance of these aspects so that our personnel.

Mental Health is the mental or emotional well-being of the individual and in our fast paced and stressful world of sensory overload this aspect is more important than ever. Brain acknowledges that we all carry a legacy from both childhood and adulthood that can affect us later in life, as well as the risk of new emotional trauma from a stressful work life. We are dedicated to work proactively to prevent new traumas and help alleviate old traumas that affect our personnel.

Social Health is the well-being we get from existing in a social context, interacting with others in a friendly and positive way as well as being acknowledged for who we are and what we contribute with. Brain will strive to provide an environment where these needs are taken care of and work to prevent situations that are detrimental to these needs.

4.   Workforce

A healthy and productive workforce is a workforce that is diverse, respectful and mindful.

Diversity means that we at Brain strive to promote a mix of ethnicity, gender and culture. Because diverse companies perform better, creates a healthier company culture and contributes to a more inclusive society.

Respectful means that we respect every individual’s right to their sexuality, religion and self-image. It also means that we do not discriminate based on these self-evident rights, and we work to prevent any behaviour within the company that impacts these rights negatively.

Mindful means that we do not police or control the individual freedom of speech, freedom of expression or individual integrity. We work to promote these things as a way to contribute to a more transparent and open society where these freedoms are fundamental building blocks.

Brain strongly opposes any form of forced labor or child labor and will not use any suppliers that is shown to use such work forces. We also strive to maintain a fair liveable salary policy where no provider that pays below minimum wage in the local area of business will be contracted or used.

Particularly the rights of children are especially important to us at Brain, children have the right to be children and should be protected from exploitation and abuse.

5.   Privacy & Integrity

At Brain we safeguard the integrity and privacy of our employees, clients and our client’s customers. The framework that we apply to this work is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We enforce the GDPR through a framework that defines the personal data, how to manage incidents that might occur and how we should continuously work to ensure the individual integrity and right to privacy for any and every Registered that we encounter in our daily business.

We have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) that is responsible for maintaining and controlling this framework. You can always e-mail the DPO at: [email protected].

The DPO also ensures that every employee has received the correct training in regard to the GDPR and that further training is received when needed. 

6.   Structure


At Brain we create a healthy and effective organisation by being customer-centric, base our business decisions on facts, creating business processes that are clear and detailed, continuously work with our co-workers satisfaction and engagement as well as always work to improve how we do the things we do and the decisions we make. We are never done, never finished, always looking to improve.