Intent are actions that indicate an imminent action, often purchase related. We search the web and these searches often indicate that we are at the end of a purchase decision. Here Google is the major player, but there are other commercial players that operate in this sphere, and some of them are partners with us! 

These audiences are suitable when you want to reach a potential customer at the end of the purchase funnel, close to a purchase decision. 

Intent Audiences

  • Searching for a new car
  • Looking to buy a motorcycle
  • Searching for a Volvo, Saab, Lexus, Chrysler, etc.
  • Looking to buy a Hatchback, Sedan, Station wagon, etc.
  • Looking to buy a eco friendly car (electric, hybrid, etc.)
  • Looking at a car that is currently sold by a car dealer
  • Looking to buy a used car
  • Inspection needed! Looking at cars that need to be inspected within the next 3 months
  • Commercial vehicles B2B – Looking to buy Farm machinery
  • Commercial vehicles B2B – Looking to buy a Lorry
  • And many more…