Brain Insights

Get to know your visitors & customers

Brain Insights adds data to your visitors and customers. Through our service, you can analyze your visitors and customers by adding more data, both offline and online data. Identify your strongest customer segments and act on the insights directly.

Get The Big Picture

We provide the tools, the information and the possibilities


Enrich Your Visitors

By adding data and analyzing your customers based on Brain-data you will be able to create a better experience and relationship with your customers and visitors.

Data Service

Why buy platforms and tech when you can get the result from the tech served to you instead? We deliver insights and audiences that you can act on directly.

More Effective Communication

When you have identified your most valuable customers you will be able to target the most valuable Prospects! Create matching audiences to your best customers in order to improve your media ROI.

More Effective Marketing

Brain Insights is a Data Service that targets site owners and brands that use Online marketing to drive traffic to their digital channels. Through Brain Insights you can easily analyze your customers, identify characteristics and act on your insights directly. Improve your digital communication through verified data and imcrease your digital ROI directly!

No More Guesswork

One of the biggest challenges in Online marketing is to know who to target and where to find them. Google and Facebook deliver complete eco systems where users, data and ads are delivered and measured efficiently. But outside these channels marketers are often forced to guesstimate where they will find the customers. Marketers and brands leverage their valuable CRM-data into site choices, media choices and 3rd party data. It is time to take the guess work out of the equation!

From Insights To Action

To understand the customer is important, very important. But to act on the insights is even more so. Through Brain Insights you get a better understanding but also the possibility to act on the new information. We have high accuracy audiences that have been identified through your own customer stock. When you base the segmentation on your own 1st party data you increase your ROI, are able to follow up and track your campaigns in real time.