Launching: Brain.Media

Launching: Brain.Media

The "one-stop-data-shop"

Brain.Media is our Data Enrichment Platform combines our DMP with CDP-capabilities and on top of that we offer data enrichment and contextual analytics, pre-defined segmentations and exports that plug in to your DMP, SSP or Adserver.

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Brain.Media – The One Stop Data Shop for Publishers.

Through the Brain.Media Service you get a full stack DMP, CDP, contextual analysis, socio-economic segmentation, demographical pre-configured market segmentation and full exports to your DMP, SSP or Adserver.  

Through “out-of-the-box” packaging you are able to add data to your market offer in a matter of days. Increase accuracy, CPM-levels and accelerate your time-to-market. Brain.Media let you create new revenue streams through programmatic channels as well as upgrading your marketing offer with data.



Segmentation and Exports

A significant part of the Brain.Media Service is the DMP, we make it easy to create segments and export them to the platform of your choice. Through multi-choice export capabilities you can leverage data into any platform to maximize your revenues.


Consumer First

The CDP-capabilities lets you leverage your verified and logged in users into a hyper relevant targeting option. Let your advertisers target exactly the right consumers, through integrity proof segmentation. We hold the exact and relevant consumer attributes, you hold the identity of your customers.

Data Enrichment

Relevant and Exact

The Brain.Media Service add and enrich your readers and visitors so that they become relevant for your advertisers. By segmenting them into audiences that are hyper relevant you are able to create custom segments without having to hire data analysts or consultants. Ready out of the box.

Context & Behaviour

Content is King

As a publisher your number 1 asset is the content you create. But content is unstructured data, impossible to leverage into new revenues without structuring it. This service is included in the Brain.Media Service – Out of the box standardized according to the IAB v.2.0-taxonomy.


Future Proof Your Data

Advertising is done through the help of Cookies and other Online identifiers. Brain.Media let you future proof your targeting with ID-free targeting options, with proven and verified accuracy and performance.

Tag Manager

Simplify Deployment

We include an easy to use Tag Manager in our Brain.Media Service, so that you can speed up deployment of new scripts and integrations. Our goal is to make data management, enrichment and distribution simple, easy and fast.