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Updated: 2019-09-08

This cookie policy explains how Digital Brain Nordic AB uses cookies and similar technologies to recognize when you visit our website, use our services or visit websites that belong to our customers. It also explains how we use cookies to deliver our services to our customers and how they might be used by them. It explains the technology, why we use them and your right to control them. 

We are a member of IAB Sweden, IAB is an interest organization that works with online marketing in Sweden. They are a network of highly skilled individuals that focus on providing transparency and spreading knowledge in the industry. Please read more here: 

What is Cookies?

A cookie is a small file that contains a string of letters and numbers that is sent to your computer when you  visit a website, interact with it or maybe view an ad. This cookie is used to recognize your browser if/when you visit the website again. A Cookie may store your preferences or other information. 

Cookies provide a simpler and more seamless experience of the Internet, saves you time or customizes your experience of websites. For example a Cookie can remember your settings for a website, so that you do not have to submit the same information again or remembers you so that you don’t have to login again. 

Cookies that are set by a website owner (in this case Brain) is called “1st party cookies”. Cookies that are set by other than the website owner one a page view on the website is called 3rd party cookies.

3rd party cookies allows third party services and content to be supplied by the website (like advertising, analytics and content). These 3rd party cookies can be recognized by these suppliers both when you visit a specific website and sometimes also on other websites

Why do we use cookies?

We use both 1st and 3rd party cookies for multiple purposes. Some cookies are necessary for technical reasons so that our domains and services will work correctly. These cookies we classify as “Necessary”. 

Other cookies allows us to follow and log specific attributes or behavior for users online in order to improve our services, the experience of our website and our services to our customers. We may use them to better understand how you use our and our customers website(s) and services. 3rd party cookies may also be used for marketing, content and analytics purposes. These purposes are described below.

What type of cookie, why and how do we use them?

Below are the description of the first and third party cookies set by Brain and why. For a complete list of cookies that might be places through our services and websites please see here:

Necessary cookies: These cookies are neccessary for us to provide our services to you and our customers. For instance in order to access protectedor restricted parts of our platforms and services. 

Performance or functionality cookies: These cookies are used to improve performance of our websites or services but not absolutely necessary, however some parts of our wenbsites or services may be inaccessible without them. 

Analytics or personalisation cookies: These cookies gather information that is used either in aggregated form in order to understand users online on our domains or on our clients domains in order for us to analyze your visits or personalize the website experience for you.

Marketing cookies: These cookies are used to target you with advertising. These cookies can be used in order to prevent serving the same ad to you again and again, ensure the ads are displayed correctly, adapt the ad content based on the preferences or information connected to the cookie. Brain does not place marketing cookies in your browser from our domains, but we may drop 3rd party cookies from marketing platforms through our integrations on a website.

Social media cookies: These cookies allows you the possibility to share pages and content that you may find as interesting on our domains, in our services and applications, through 3rd party social networks and other websites. These cookies may also be used for marketing and advertising purposes. 

How can I control cookies?

You have the right to decide to accept or deny cookies to be placed in your browser. There is nothing that says that you have to accept cookies, but there may be consequences by denying cookies. 

In order to know if you accept cookies or not we need to place a cookie in your browser, so this gets a bit contradictory. Instead we allow you to “opt out” (deselect) from us using the cookies we placed in your browser. This means that even if we place a cookie in your browser it will be withheld from being processed in our systems and any data connected to the cookie will not be shared or distributed within or outside of our systems. This you can do here: 

If you don’t want us to place a cookie at all you can change your settings in your browser to not accept cookies.If you choose to do so you can still use our websites and services, but some parts may be blocked for usage. Exactly how you block cookies varies from browser to browser, please investigate this or contact your browser provider to find out how to do this. 

Also, mot ad networks, marketing platforms and adtech providers allows you to opt out from targeted advertising. If you want to know more about this you can visit: But please keep in mind that this will not prevent you from seeing ads, it just means that they will not be tailored to you.

Do you supply targeted advertising?

3rd party suppliers may set cookies in your browser in order to target you with advertising through our domains our customers domains. These companies may use information about your visit in order to make content and ads more relevant for you. We place similar cookies in your browser in order to add information to the cookie and better analyze your visits. This information may be shared to 3rd party services that will target you with content or advertising, but the cookies set on domains controlled by us is not used for ad serving. If you do not want us to share the information we have that is connected to your cookie you may opt out here: 3rd party provider and Brain may use cookies to measure the effectiveness in advertising. This technology does not allow us to gather or process personal information, unless you provide it yourself. 

Where can I get more information?

If you have any questions about how we use cookies you can e-mail the questions to: [email protected]

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