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Integrity Online

At the very start, when Brain was only a tiny embryo of a project, we decided that we would focus on User integrity. And always be mindful of how we manage User data and what User data we manage. In a time when tech giants build Terra Bytes of data on every User, store every message ever sent, Brain chose to go in the other direction. We want to provide a better Internet experience for all Users, but not at the expense of the User Integrity.

We make sure to always be mindful of what data that is stored, and why it is stored. Every project and feature developed in Brain starts with the question: “Do we need to store the data? Will the added data improve our services? Is it sensitive data? How long do we need to store it?” 

For us it is all about delivering business use to our customers, but never at the expense of the Users integrity. This way we can create business use and better Online experiences, without sacrificing Online Privacy.


The Brain Solution

Any personal information stored in Brain is stored in an encrypted way so that it cannot be read or restored to clear text. This way we minimize the risk of leaking personal information.

The Online side of Brain contains no personal information at all. We only let our customers act on the Insights we deliver targeting anonymous Online profiles.

We work according to the minimization principle, where we only store information that is necessary for our products and does not constitute an intrusion into the individuals integrity.


Brain is protected by Amazon Web Services infrastructure and systems. By utilizing the worlds foremost supplier of IT-solutions we maintain a high level of protection and a safe storage of information.

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Privacy Policy

Här hittar du vår Cookie- & Privacy Policy, som redogör för hur vi förhåller oss till cookies och integritet Online.

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