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Brain Pixel Test –
Instant Customer Insights

By placing a pixel script on your site you can immediately start understanding your customers better. We provide a small script that you place on your site that does not build or collect any personal data, so it id not affected by GDPR, and is light so it does not affect your loading of the site. That is all you need to do. In one months time we are able to provide you with an extensive report that shows how your visitors copare to the population in terms of demographics, lifestyle and online interests. We can also provide you with a complete customer stock profile through a simple file upload.

Simple Implementation

One script, on all pages, directly on site or through a tag manager.

New Insights

What characterizes your visitors? Age, gender, income, housing, car ownership, children and interests.

Easy To Understand

In less than a month we are able to provide you with an easy to understand report that shows how your visitors compare to the population.


Upload a customer file for profiling, simple, easy and safely we deliver a complete analysis.

Simple Pricing

Pixel Test

Tracking on site



fr. 12 995kr

(trafikbaserad prissättning)

Profiling Over Time

Dedicated dashboard

Track campaigns

Profile the website

fr. 495kr/m

(trafikbaserad prissättning)


Easy file upload



fr.15 995kr

(upp till 10 000 kunder)

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