Launching: Brain.Media

Launching: Brain.Media

The "one-stop-data-shop"

Brain.Media is our Data Enrichment Platform combines our DMP with CDP-capabilities and on top of that we offer data enrichment and contextual analytics, pre-defined segmentations and exports that plug in to your DMP, SSP or Adserver.

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We provide marketing services for publishers, advertisers, brands, media agencies and digital agencies. Our aim is to create data powered services that makes it easier to leverage data as a part of marketing offerings in order to increase ROI and service the customers better.  

We want to bring data and data powered marketing into the hands of every business, small or large. Because data creates insights and insights generates growth. Insights give businesses a better understanding of their customers, visitors, readers and consumers – and consumers today expect tailored experiences; tailored after their needs, their preferences and at the right time.



The Brain DEP is a “one-stop-data-shop” for Publishers to leverage their traffic into a data powered marketing offer. Through Brain.Media you are able to add more data, verified market data that is valuable for the advertisers in order to increase CPM-levels and improve your customers marketing ROI.


We offer audiences for programmatic marketing through a multitude of platforms and resellers. We offer behavioural, contextual, demographic, socio-economic and geographical targeting options, so that you can get the most out of your programmatic media spend. Reach the right consumer through high value audiences.

Strategic Audience Map

Businesses that are insights-driven have a better growth than those that are not. In order to become Insights-driven you need data, context and understanding. The SAM makes it possible to see the person behind the click, what defines them and the market potential in your most valuable customer segments. Register an account and get started today.

Andrea Hertli

Andrea Hertli

Head of [email protected]

“SAM let us identify customer segments that we wouldn’t have identified otherwise.”

Lina Winqvist

Lina Winqvist

Head of Marketing - Gjensidige Försäkring

“Strategic Audience Map makes it easier to see the customer, understand our marketing and act faster and smarter”