Find Your Next Customer

When you know who you want to reach it’s all about finding them. By targeting your campaigns with Brain’s verified audiences you know what you get. We enrich your customers with the same information as we do with our publisher partners readers, this created the perfect match between your customers and your prospects.

Smarter – Safer – Better


We apply verified household information on anonymous users in a wide network of websites. This increases reach and accuracy in our audiences. Our demographic audiences are modeled and verified.


Lifestyle attributes like housing, car ownership, family and income are important variables that define which consumers are relevant for your offer and products. Make your targeting more efficient. 


We index over 50M read articles each month, this gives us a solid statistical base for our behavioural audiences. We use leading contextual analysis for increased accuracy, granularity and relevance.  

Brain does not deliver ads or offer targeting, we are a DMP/DEP service that is cookie-based and match our audiences to marketing platforms such as Adservers, SSPs or DSPs, through cookies. Read more about our partner platforms and how we handle cookies here.

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Audience Partners

We work with leading publishers and ad networks in audience enrichment and targeting. Contact them for more effective ad targeting.


Our audiences are available for programmatic advertising in the following platforms: Adform, Bidtheatre, Doubleclick Bidmanager, Emerse, Platform 161.

Audience Partners:

We are members of IAB Sweden: IAB Sweden will work for the Swedish Online marketing industry. By solid knowledge development and trust building communication we will strive to be the leading country in terms of online marketing in Europe or even the world. 

Lifestyle audiences

Where you are in life is often a base for a multitude of decisions that you make as a consumer. As a marketer knowing that you target the right market segment is key. We deliver verified audiences based on socio-economic factors as well as demographic factors. When you connect your customers to our information, through Brain Insights, it is easy to identify which market segments are the most relevant for you and your products, and easy to find the consumers most similar to your existing customers.


Brain segments visitors and readers based on semantic technology, in standardized categories, this makes it easy to identify what interests identify your customers. And as a marketer you can target those variables for more effective digital campaigns.

Online interests are more fleeting factors than the lifestyle variables, but together they tell you both who and what. 

Campaign Analysis

Follow-up your campaigns and analyze them with Brain Insights. Create a clear picture of who you reach, who responds and who becomes your new customer. Track your campaign ROI and learn from each new campaign.